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Stress Relief

The Perfect Stress Relief Remedies

Now more than ever before, with the internet-age of work demands, relationship stresses, financial worries and concerns about what the future holds, our bodies are in a constant state of chronic stress. Stress isn’t only a feeling; it’s a physical reaction that occurs in your body. Stress releases hormones – potentially dangerous age-accelerating and disease-causing hormones.


2016’s Must Have Health Supplements

Following the latest news on health supplements can be a full-time job. But everything you need to know about them is surprisingly very straightforward…

2016 is looking to be the year when people have access to the most effective supplements that have ever been produced. In this article, we will take a look at three of them that have got people excited.

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Why Your Diet Should Include Magnesium Supplements

According to research 75% of people following a westernised diet and lifestyle are deficient in magnesium. Although magnesium is typically found in nuts, seeds and leafy dark-green vegetables, studies show that the amount of magnesium contained in these foods is steadily declining. Magnesium is essential for over 600 metabolic reactions so the implications of a magnesium deficiency are severe, namely:

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