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Crazy Sports

4 Crazy Sports And Why You Should Take Them Up

As part of our way of easing you into the weekend, we see Friday as more of a light-hearted day. This morning, I was thinking about new sports I could take up to help me regain some of the fitness that I might have lost this Winter. I did some research and came down to 4 crazy sports from around the world, and how I would benefit from taking them up.

Rugby World Cup

The Magic Of The Rugby World Cup

It is just around the corner, and the excitement for it is building day by day. The rugby world cup kicks off on 18th September at England’s Twickenham stadium. As part of our build up to the world’s biggest rugby tournament, I wanted to go back and remember some of the greatest moments and matches of past world cups. Hopefully you can join in with some of your favourites, too!


The Latest In Performance & Recovery Technology

Hyperice is a recovery and movement enhancement technology company specialising in portable high performance sports medicine and orthopaedic devices for training, muscle recovery and rehabilitation. They’ve been helping professional athletes and teams all over the world. If you neglect the recovery stage of training, it could lead to short and long term injuries.


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