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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Winter Blues

Many of us think that talking about the weather is making “small talk ” but you do need to take note of the weather because you are so affected by it.

Cold and wet weather can be depressing but it can also be a time for hibernating or understanding our rhythms and cycles. You need up time and down time. With winter coming to an end, you can do with more up than down time.

Tips And Tricks To Prevent A Hangover

How many times have you gone out with some friends after work or just going out for a few drinks and then woke up the next day feeling like you’ve been run over by a train? You are running late, your head hurts and you feel drained of all your energy. Here’s how to have fun and not wake up with a hangover:

skin care

10 Holiday Skin Care Tips

The holidays should be called”chillaxidays”’ because the sole purpose of being away from the daily stress of working, running a household and coping with life in general is to kick back and do only the things you really feel like doing. But let’s also get real. You can’t go totally overboard, a modicum of rational thinking must prevail. It would be preferable to drag that holiday body back to work next year without too much damage. So, here are a few practical tips on surviving the festive season!


Mother’s Miracle: Balanced Parenting Tips

The best thing that has ever happened in my life, has been parenting our 4 amazing children.  All my life I wanted 4 children, and after many miscarriages, I finally managed to have my 1st precious baby. Six years later we were blessed with our 4th child. My dream had come true, and I was finally the Mom of 4 perfect children. It never mattered to me what sex they were going to be, as long as they were all healthy and happy. 

Life Retreat

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