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The Health Benefits Of Tart Cherries

The Health Benefits Of Cherries

Some people like cherries, and others don’t. If you associate cherries and cherry flavored things to medicine, you may want to reconsider.

Because, while tart cherries also known as sour cherries are the key ingredient in desserts such as cherry pie, they also offer numerous health benefits. From aiding muscle recovery to treating gout, cherries have healing powers because of their antioxidant (substances that protect your cells against the effects of free radicals) properties.

Cherries help reduce inflammation

With their high level of anti-oxidants, the inflammation reducing properties of cherries are amazing. In a study conducted by Oregon Health and Science University, 20 women between the ages of 40 and 70 who drank tart cherry juice twice a day for three weeks showed a reduction in the level of inflammation in their body. Furthermore, the most dramatic results were seen with women who had higher levels at the start.

Diabetes sufferers can benefit from cherries too

Cherries contain chemicals (anthocyanins) that occur naturally in cherries, giving them their bright red color. It’s these chemicals that boost insulin, which helps control blood sugar levels. However, don’t rely on cherries to control insulin problems. Just include them in your diet and trick your body by eating this sweet fruit. 

Cherries are great for heart health

Studies show that tart cherries can lower high cholesterol and triglycerides. This in turn can improve your weight as well as your arterial health. It also reduces your risk for stroke and heart disease.

Tart cherries can reduce the risk of colon

The cancer-protective benefits of cherries were validated in an experimental study where cherry fruit extract reduced the growth of both human colon cancer cells and human breast cancer cells. Researchers suggest cherries shut down the growth of cancer cells by depriving them of the proteins they need to grow.

Cherries are great for memory

Tart cherries are rich in phenolic compounds which play an important role in protecting you against neurodegenerative conditions such as memory loss and senile dementia. So keep eating those cherries to improve your memory.

Sleep better after eating cherries

Tart cherries are one of the few natural sources of melatonin, a chemical released in the body that is closely connected with the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle.

So, incorporate this fruit into as many meals as you can and start enjoying its benefits. After all, what’s better than eating your way to good health?


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