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The Latest Jewelry Trends – State Of Rae

It is safe to say that I am in a “State Of Rae” – A condition of cataclysmic bliss associated from purchasing one of their items.

An inspiring territory of beauty and creativity. Known for their natural resources of on trend fashion items and unquestionable good taste.
A utopia for all shopaholics. 

If you saw my Instagram post  on @liferetreat_ about the newly launched online accessory store ‘State Of Rae’, you would have seen all the beautiful items i received on my desk over the festive season! (I know, i’m a lucky girl)

I like to think of this jewelry style as ‘Boho’. 

Bohemian style has, for over 200 years, been an exotic alternative to the accepted fashions of a given period. Generally associated with artists, writers, and intellectuals, bohemian culture incorporates various ethic clothing styles, as well as historical costume.

Bohemian style consists of loose, colorful clothing and has been known as boho chic, hippie style, and Aesthetic dress. With their long flowing hair and rich, though threadbare fabrics, bohemians stand out in a crowd representing a colorful counterculture based on creativity, poverty, and an indifference to social structures and traditions.

But now i want to show you what you can get your hands on!

Queen Of Sheba Necklace 

sor Queen Of Sheba

Buy Now

Emerald Plait Necklace

sor Emerald Plait

Buy Now

Boho Bracelet in Turquoise

sor Boho Bracelet

Buy Now

Gold Hammered Inscription Bracelet 

sor Gold Hammered Inscription Bracelet

Buy Now

Ear Cuff

sor Ear Cuff

Buy Now

To Shop More Items Click Here

Follow State Of Rae:

Instagram: @state_of_rae

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stateofrae

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/stateofrae0217


Comments (4)

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    I really really love the turquoise bracelet. Such a native American vibe going on.



    • Avatar



      i agree Rushida


  • Avatar



    The gold bracelet is simply but so stunning


    • Avatar



      I also like the simplistic and elegant look Cloe, although I must admit, my personal favourite is the Queen Of Sheba Necklace.Thank you for your comment.


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