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The Ultimate Hair Treatment & Every Girls’ Dream. You have to see this!

Every woman would know, the most vital part of our appearance is our hair. We are all in the same boat when it comes to finding the ultimate hair treatment to calm the frizz, and illuminate that shine! This is Every Girls Dream!


The Brazilian Blowout!!!
This is the miracle treatment we have been searching for… and it exists!!!!

The change of my hair Crisis all started at the wonderful ‘Salon Elan’ , with a glass of wine, the company of my sister , and the Brazilian Blowout Team getting stuck into my hair.

I have spent years of making home made treatments, spending ridiculous amounts of money on products , and hours of flat ironing my hair! These are all temporarily effective, however I have only noticed the damage getting worse.

So I set out to try the Brazilian Blowout, and I have to say the results are outstanding! From damaged, broken hair, they have transformed the texture to feeling soft and silky. I no longer straighten my hair, unless I am going to a function and want to add the extra touch, but I am loving how low maintenance and natural this treatment leaves me feeling.

before and after pictures






What is the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing treatment? and How does it Work?

Brazilian Blowout Ultimate Hair Treatments are smoothing treatments that do not break down the structure of the hair.  It is important to note that it is not a straightening service, it is a smoothing service that will improve hair condition, remove frizz and dramatically cut down on styling effort.

Brazilian Blowout forms a Protective Protein Layer eliminating frizz, smoothing the hair, dramatically increasing shine, sealing the cuticle, and allowing the hair to retain its natural moisture. Amino Acids are bonded onto hair via our Proprietary Polymer System.  These amino acids (derived from our Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex including acai berry, came camu, annatto seed) round the hair follicle, smooth the cuticle and fills cracks.

Benefits of the Brazilian Blowout:

– Less flat ironing – less damage
– The keratin puts protein into the hair which improves the texture.
– Less Breakage
– More shine
– No frizz !

logoanti frizz shampoo and conditioner







The Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare line was specifically formulated to preserve the smoothing treatment:

I have been using the Brazillian Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner in conjunction with my treatment, and find these products to be hugely beneficial. They smell amazing, and the minimal amount needed allows the product to last longer.

The girls from Life Retreat will be representing this wonderful brand and many more treatments and products included in their range. Get out there and get your Hair Brazilianed!

Next up is :
– The Split end treatment!
– Tips on how to get your colour correct!
– The Range of Products Brazilian Blowout Offer.

Have a Happy Hair Day

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    Brazilian blow dry’s really are every girl’s dream #brazilian #blowout #haircare


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