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Three Common Everyday Chemicals That Cause Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

We’ve all heard or know of women who have fought breast cancer. It could be your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, neighbour, friends… You could even be fighting the disease yourself.

One in every eight woman will develop breast cancer, and close to 40,000 women die from it each year. It is an epidemic. And, according to science, common everyday chemicals found in food, cleaning products and personal care items, play a major role in flaming this epidemic. The only thing you can do is try to avoid your exposure to these three breast cancer-causing chemicals I’m about to give you by carefully reading labels. 


1. Parabens

Parabens – widely used as preservatives, are found in most cosmetics, including lotions and deodorants. Your skin unfortunately absorbs this chemical very quickly. A recent study found parabens in a whopping 99% of breast tissue samples. And, 60% of these samples contained at least five parabens! If you want to eliminate parabens from your beauty routine, only use products labelled “paraben-free”. Also, look out for ingredients that end with “paraben”, such as methylparaben.

2. Phthalates

Phthalates are commonly used to make plastics soft and pliable. You can find them in air fresheners, cosmetics, detergents and some cleaning products. Opt for products labelled “phthalate-free” and use unscented products to avoid phthalates. In addition, avoid buying vinyl products because most are softened with phthalates. So, instead of using shower curtains made with PVC, choose nylon or cloth. Furthermore, always ensure our children’s toys are also PVC-free!

3. Bisphenol-A (BPA)

BPA is in everything, from your plastic water bottles to your canned food. Numerous studies have shown how BPA is linked to early puberty and how it can make healthy breast cells grow and survive like cancer cells. Some research even suggests that BPA can make breast cancer drugs less effective! So, choose glass or stainless steel instead of plastic to store food and water, avoid buying canned foods and ensure that your children’s toys are BPA-free.

There are many other chemicals associated with breast cancer but these three are the main ones we’re i contact with everyday. So, make the right choices and help fight this epidemic.


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