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Tips For Great Step Parenting

Tips For Great Step Parenting

Living with your new partner’s children may seem daunting, but you can build a unique relationship with him or her if you follow these step parenting tips.




1. Make sure that your relationship with your partner is strong and supportive

You have to agree about the big issues: rules, responsibilities and rewards. Furthermore, take time out to be alone together to nourish your relationship – this is crucial for the continuing existence and emotional health of the step-family. A lunchtime walk in the park, an evening visit to the pub once a week.

2. Accept that a step-family is different to the traditional nuclear family

Mum, dad and two children. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be as good, if not better. In fact, the key to success is to be aware of the differing values and attitudes of the various family members – in particular, towards discipline, privacy and money. Develop a tolerance towards differences, whilst establishing agreed customs and routines for your new family.

3. Recognise that becoming a step-parent is never the same as being a parent

Loving a step-child as your own may not be possible – but to like and respect them is an achievable goal. Step-parenting will be more successful if you carve out a different and non-competitive role to their natural mother or father. Discuss how to do this with your partner.

4. Acknowledge the role and value of your natural counterpart

Criticising the parent in front of your step-children. This forces stepchildren to make choices between you, causing distress and tension. Encouraging step-children to talk to you about their natural mother or father. This reduces loyalty conflicts and provides a sense of continuity.

5. Ensure that any visiting step-children feel at home

Give them their own space – a cupboard or shelves for their toys, as examples. And have things around that are familiar to them: The same type of shampoo and toothpaste that they use at home, as examples. Include them in any chores and projects so they feel part of a family.

6. Let the relationship develop at its own pace

Don’t rush it – the desire for an instant, ready-made relationship leads to difficulties and disappointments. It often takes at least two years or more for step-family relationships to settle into place. Be patient, and give your step children plenty of time to accept you.

7. Build your relationship before attempting to discipline your step-children

Spend some time getting to know each other. Suggestions: Taking up a mutual hobby, going shopping together. But
make sure this isn’t forced – pretending to enjoy something that you dislike will eventually cause unnecessary tensions.

8. Show affection for your step-children equally

You and your partner need to put up a united front; particularly over rules and responsibilities. Your partner should give a clear message to your step-children that you both speak with one voice, especially when your partner is absent.


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