Tips That Will Turn You Into A Smart Traveller

Have you ever had that thought “How am I going to pack my entire life into one small suitcase?”… Don’y worry, I think of that every single time I pack. Which is why I decided to put together some tips and a checklist that will help me pack quicker and more efficiently.




Whether you are travelling for business, or just pleasure, you still need to take your entire life with you. Lets face it, we all know that even if we going on holiday, there is still a whole lot of things that need to be attended to. Lets Prepare The Perfect Carry-On

What Do I Need To Take With Me:

1. The Most Essential: The Bag

It is so important to have a good quality bag, that has just enough space to carry everything, yet at the same time needs to be easy to ‘lug around’. My very favourite travel companion is from the Lipault Paris collection: The Original Plume 22″ Spinner Carry on.

Fast turns. Sharp curves. Speed bumps. Go anywhere and in any direction with this spin-savvy carry-on. Its four wheels turn 360 and it has durable and water resistant PVC reinforced Nylon.

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2. Necessary Documents 

It is so vital to remember all your documents for the trip. Slide them into the front pocket of your carry on for easy access and no hassles. Documents that you will need on hand include: Your ID or passport, credit cards, hotel reservations, transport documents, notepad and pen, and any important addresses you may need.

3. Technology

I don’t think any of us can live without technology these days, so I have thought of a couple things you may need to take with. These include: laptop, cell phone, wifi device, ipad, and all necessary chargers that you will need to keep these devices powered.

4. Comfort And Entertainment

Flying can get extremely boring and uncomfortable, and unfortunately most local flights don’t have any TV’s that you can watch, so it might be ideal to take a few things on the flight with you. Our ideas include: headphones, music, magazines, books and a very comfortable neck pillow to avoid after flight aches and pains.

5. Toiletries

There is absolutely nothing worse than having to sit in public places all day, and possibly even having to go straight to meetings after getting off the aeroplane. There are a couple things I usually pack such as: hand sanitiser or wipes, tissues, makeup, hair tools, perfume and gum.

Some Tips For Travelling:

1. Take A Handbag / Man-bag Too

We are really aiming to make your trip as comfortable and quick as possible. Along with my carry-on bag I try take a handbag with me too. In my handbag I usually keep the most essential items. Even though the carry-on bag is easily accessible, you also don’t want to have to take it down from the cabin mid-flight to get something out.

I usually keep my cellphone, purse, lip ice, hand lotion, earphones and tablet in my handbag so that i can have it with me during the flight without having to get it from the cabin.

My favourite handbag I take with me is my Lipault Paris Lady Plume Bucket Bag. Not only is it spacious and and comfortable, but it is trendy and classic too.

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2. Use This Time To Relax

Just relax! It is one of the only times that you can’t be on your phone or browsing the web. Take this time to think, embrace being in the air.

3. Don’t Let The Diet Slip

Keeping healthy while travelling is so very difficult, so instead of going for the chips and sweets, try stick to some healthy nuts and a salad. Being healthy while travelling, especially for business is very important to keep your energy levels up and your brain thinking right.

Thats All From Us! <3

More About Lipault Paris

The Fun Side Of Travel

Launched by French designer François Lipovetsky in 2005, Lipault has become one of France’s leading luggage brands and is now available in South Africa.

The Lipault lady changes bags and cases like dresses and shoes to suit her taste day to day. Joyful and daring, she mixes and matches colours and models to coordinate with her outfit. From handbags to travel bags, briefcases and suitcases, in its 10th year, Lipault has established itself as the colourful Parisian bag brand.

Everyone is first drawn to Lipault’s great sense of style: vibrant and on-trend colours in simple and sophisticated shapes. Then they fall in love with smart designs that are unbelievably lightweight, efficient and durable. This combination of function and fashion makes Lipault unique in the world of travel. From the brand’s trademark “0%” foldable designs (think no excess baggage and easy storage) to sturdy wheeled travel and business cases and super-stylish everyday bags, Lipault makes savvy travel effortless. Of course, great design details are important too. Lipault bags are lined with a protective fabric and feature thoughtfully executed straps, pockets and zipped pouches to keep things organized and safe.

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