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Transformation Through Detoxification

My journey of transformation through detoxification: Artistry was birthed from a desire to serve. I had always known that my life- purpose involved healing.

Like with so many of us, the process of finding my way back to me through the maze called life has sometimes been uncomfortable, to say the least. What I have learnt is that to live life well is an art form – it requires skill, discipline, courage and most importantly awareness.

So often the experiences we encounter along the way can be so uncomfortable that we start covering up the pain with external quick-fixes – until one day we realise – the only way to wholeness, to joy, to inner peace is the uncovering, the undoing and the detoxifying of the emotions.

As a Holistic Health Coach, the physical aspect of detoxification is tangible

It’s the start of detoxification on all levels because it’s something we understand. It’s something we can do now. For others, the spiritual or emotional veil lifts first, and the physical then follows. My wish is to share my skills as a Body Health Care Practitioner and my interest in Detoxification practices with others.

Artistry is a platform where I wish to share my own journey. I also share others’ stories of self-recovery and healing of the body, mind and spirit. This is by the process of lifting our vibration to a dimension that is in tune with that of our essence, of nature and of Creation.

By Lea Coleman

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You can also contact me via email: nurturedbynature@gmail.com or cell: 076 244 4925.


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