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Unwash – The Latest Movement In Hair Care

The new movement in hair care is here. It challenges the conventional wisdom and vicious cycle of shampoo, condition, style, repeat. It actually cleanses without stripping—leaving hair more vibrant, more manageable, and simply more beautiful.

Welcome to Unwash: a new method that cleans hair in a more civilized way, gently removing dirt and surface build-up while locking in moisture, extending the life of hair color, and upholding your hair’s natural integrity.

The anytime, de-grime, non-strip Bio-Cleansing Conditioner.

– Replaces shampoo
– Protects color-treated hair
– Free of harsh sulfates & parabens
– Moisturizing, non-strip cleanser
– Ideal for color-treated hair
– For all hair types & textures

The Anti-Residue Rinse

– Gently removes build-up from styling aids & leave-ins
– Free of harsh sulfates & parabens
– Protects hair integrity

The clean rinse follow-up, finishing touch, Ultra-Rich Masque

– Creates intense moisture balance
– Replenishes lost hydration
– Smooths & softens
– Once-a-week treatment

List of Ingredients

Is it Gluten-Free? Our products are gluten-free. Although you will see some ingredients that say ‘wheat,’ they don’t contain gluten.

Is it Vegan? For all you animal lovers out there (us too) the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner and Anti-Residue Rinse are completely vegan. While the Hydrating Masque is totally animal-friendly, it does contain a protein derived from sheep’s wool (no sheep were hurt.)

Is it Organic? Nope! Our products are not 100% organic. Because our formulas are cosmetic hair products that are washed completely off your strands and do not enter your body, we don’t believe that they need to be 100% organic. Instead, we invest money into research on how to make our formulas the best they can be for the health and vitality of your hair.

Click here for  a full list of our ingredients and why we use them.

If you would like to try this email: Jeanni@onebeautybrands.com


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