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What Is Life Retreat And How We Can Benefit

What is Life Retreat?  You may ask. We often get asked this question, and we have had the odd moment of 2nd thinking the name of our blog.  But, I honestly could not think of a better name, and here is why.

Our daughters and I began our blogging journey just 2 years ago.  We wanted to find a title that would sum us up, and after going through various options, we settled on Life Retreat.  Life Retreat is 1st and foremost a blog born out of our desire to inspire others to live happy, healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Life Retreat offers our readers a retreat from their daily lives.  From day one we all agreed that we would only ever post positive, and informative articles, news and reviews.  After all our motto is, Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish, and if you read here, you will know why.  Our lives are so stressful, and chaotic, and most of the news we hear is bad news, so I am not sure about you, but I love a little time out to sit and read inspiring Blogs.

January Unlimited Yoga – Lourensford Wine Estate

The word re-treat, means to withdraw, or move back. To change ones decisions, or plans, or to simply step back from what you are doing.  In an ideal world, I think most of us would love to go off to exotic locations, on a retreat, to replenish our souls.  But, this is not always possible.  What is essential though is that we should all ensure that every single day, we have a retreat from our lives.  This could take the form of meditating, or a long bubble bath, or even drinking a glass of wine while watching a sunset. And, finally reading Life Retreat.  We would like to share topics that interest, and inspire you, so please remember that your feedback is invaluable.  Please comment below with ideas, ideas, and more ideas.

Benefits Of A Retreat

  • Unplug from every day routine.  Enabling us to get new perspectives on our lives, and truly feel our hearts desires.
  • Breaking old habits.  Sometimes we need to step out of the old, in order to step into the new.
  • Enhances spiritual connectedness.  Enabling us to communicate in prayer with God, or our Source through meditation.
  • Nurture our souls:  Enables us to do what we really enjoying doing, and feel satisfied.
  • Nurturing our bodies:  Enables us to treat our bodies with the respect they deserve, and in turn they stay healthy.
  • Nurtures our minds:  Mental stimulation, and thinking out of the box, helps us to stay alert, preserves our memories.
  • Exploring a new you. Helps us to retreat back to just Be-ing true to ourselves.
  • Detoxifying.  Makes us more in tune with what we feed our bodies, minds, and souls with.
  • Connecting with like minded people.  Gives us the opportunity to make new friends, who share similar interests.

The bonus:  We all deserve it, yes we do.

The 3 of us are joining a few others Mom’s and daughters in September for a Mom’s and daughter’s retreat at Phakalane. I did a writing retreat there last year and it is honestly one of the most beautiful, calming places that I have ever been to.  We will be doing a vegan cooking course, meditating, , yoga, joining in a steam ceremony, going for walks and chats.  Most of all we will be bonding with our precious daughters.  Our sons are desperate for us to arrange them a Dad’s and Son’s retreat, so you never know.  Watch this space.

We did our 1st Mom’s and Daughter’s retreat in Mozambique when we 1st launched our business.  A friend of our hosted us at her beautiful home and we did a sound journey, yoga, meditation, bird cards, walking, TRE and sharing, and caring.  It was amazing, and the most beautiful way for families to rekindle their bonds.

If you have experienced any retreats that you would like to share with us, or suggestions for some that you would like us to host, we are very open to suggestions.  Soon, our very own Sacred place to hold workshops, meditation, yoga, spa days and retreats will be complete.

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