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What You Need To Know About Beauty Sleep

Yes it’s true! Beauty sleep is a real thing. You CAN get gorgeous while you sleep. In fact, sleep is nature’s most powerful beauty treatment.

Hollywood stars such as Penelope Cruz and Renee Zelwegger swear by it. Therefore, if it works for them, it can work for you too.


Did you know your body follows a process to repair skin problems while you sleep?

According to Geoff Wright, director of The Hair And Beauty Partnership in London, your body clock dictates a strict regime for rejuvenating  and repairing your hair and skin. He says, your body sends increased moisture to your hair and skin to stimulate the cells within these areas from 8pm to 11pm. And between 11pm and 3am, your body then sends your hair and skin cells nutrients. It’s during this time that rejuvenation and repair takes place. Your skin then rests between 3am and 5am.

But then when you’re up until 3am in the morning, your skin is not only likely to be dry, but no repair takes place when you sleep. That’s why you wake up looking just as burnt out and tired as you did before you went to sleep. Furthermore, you can’t resolve the skin problems sleep deprivation causes, no matter how expensive your night cream is. In fact, you can put these creams on your face until you’re blue, but they won’t help unless you don’t sleep.

This is because your skin doesn’t use nutrients you put on and they’re likely to clog up your pores. The best solution is to use both sleep and a light night cream.

Sleep for at least seven hours every night to heal your skin

Not everyone goes to bed at 8pm every night despite your body’s natural regulatory clock dictating what happens to your skin, says Geoff.

The hormone that controls your day night cycles, melatonin, only peaks at about 11pm and this is when you start to feel naturally sleepy. And this is also the nutrients and rejuvenation phase of skin health. However, this is usually the time when you’re in a smoky bar or out drinking and dancing all night. Beauty sleep in a clean, pollution free environment can leave your skin completing its natural moisture and hydration process.

So, if you want to maintain that beauty and look as young as Penelope and Renee, then follow their advice get your beauty sleep.


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