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What Your Lips, Tongue And Mouth Can Tell You About Your Health

When your doctor examines you, they look into your mouth at your throat. Dentists on the other hand, look closely at your gums and teeth. Who then looks at your tongue?

Well, that’s your job. The tongue can tell you a lot about your health. Therefore, you need to learn about changes on your tongue.


Scalloped tongue

If your tongue looks scalloped around the edges and swollen, it’s might not be because of pressure from your teeth. There are a number of conditions that cause tongue inflammation. These incluse, allergies, yeast infections, Sjogren’s syndrome and vitamin B-12 and iron deficiencies.

Pale tongue

A healthy tongue should look rosy red. If you look in the mirror and your tongue looks pale, you could be anaemic. To get more iron in your diet, eat liver for organically raised animals. Furthermore, it’s important to look out for gastrointestinal bleeding as it causes anaemia.

Geographical tongue

If your tongue looks like a geographical map, with smooth patches, rough raised patches, grooves, cracks and contours, you have a geographical tongue. It is rarely a genetic and unchangeable condition. However, it shows a lack of specific nutrients in your body. You might need folate, zinc and vitamin B-12 in your diet. You should also eat liver for organically raised animals. Furthermore, try to increase your intake of fresh green, leafy vegetables which are rich in folate. You can also include chlorella in your diet which has both folate and vitamin B-12.


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