When Less Is More

When less is more

I love the strange feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment I get when I look around and see my home free of clutter. It’s easy to clean and can leave you feeling calm and liberated. 

I recently gave you five tips to help you create a minimalist home. Today, I just want to give you a few key benefits of having a minimalist home.



A minimalist home is calming

Clutter is visually distracting. It overloads your senses causing you to be stressed out and anxious. Think of the time you spend looking for keys in your home. Without clutter, you won’t have to look for your keys. The less clutter, the less stress you’ll have. A minimalist home must be a less stressful home.

A minimalist home is more appealing

When you look at pictures of homes – cluttered and minimalist, the ones that only have beautiful furniture, nice artwork, and a very few pretty decorations will appeal to you the most. If you make your home minimalist, you’ll definitely make it more appealing.

A minimalist home is easier to clean

If your home is cluttered, you know how hard it is to clean. Things that collect dust also collect dust mites. So, the more stuff you have, the more you have to keep cleaning. Now, imagine how easy it is to clean an empty room. As mush as this is an extreme example, it does give you an idea.

How do you know you have less?

There is no rule book that states when less is more. It all depends on your taste and how extreme of a minimalist you want to be. But, minimalist homes do have a few characteristics:

Minimal furniture

A minimalist room contains a few essential pieces of furniture. A living room, for example, could only have a couch or two, a coffee table, an entertainment stand with few shelves, and very little deco. 

Clear surfaces

Your flat surfaces will be clear, except for one or two decorations. You won’t see stacks of clutter. 
Because a home completely clear of things can be a bit boring, so, you can for example have a plant succulent or terrarium on your coffee table. You can add a family photo on a clear surface a skull on an otherwise empty wall.

Just remember it’s quality over quantity. So, instead of having a lot of stuff in your home, choose just a few really good things you love and use often. 

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