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When To Take A Burn Seriously


Most burns are merely a painful nuisance that you know will heal in time. But sometimes it’s not easy to know if a burn is superficial or more damaging that it really appears. You can treat first degree and even most second degree burns at home, but when should you go running to the doctor?

Before I tell you when, lets first look at the differences.

First, second, third degree burns – The differences

First-degree burns involve only the top layers of the skin and usually don’t leave scars. The skin turns red and white when touched.

Second-degree burns will look white or white with some redness and feel waxy dry. Flames, oils and grease often cause these burns and they usually scar.

Third-degree burns usually look white or charred. You’ll only be able to feel pressure with these burns because nerves are destroyed so you can’t feel pain.You have to see the doctor immediately for these burns.

When you should see your doctor after first-degree or second-degree burns

1. The burn is from electricity or from a chemical. Burns from electricity can cause heart problems and damage to deep tissue that you may not see. This includes acid burns.
2. The burn goes all around your trunk, neck, leg, arm or just covers a large area.
3. You are burned on the ears, eyes or genital areas.
4. You have diabetes, heart disease or an immune disorder.
5. You have inhaled enough smoke to damage your lungs.


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