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Home Grown Organic Nutrition

home grown organic

Have you seen the price of potatoes in the shops? This is normally one of the cheapest times for potatoes as the spring planted harvests have come in.
The drought has put the national potato crop in jeopardy, and unless we have consistent rains for the next few months we may be in for an expensive winter. Growing organic vegetables is healthier and more cost effective.

It’s important to note that the regular farmers are taking strain with providing produce into the markets. The seed producers are affected in exactly the same way. They struggle to produce seed in a drought, and that affects planting in the following season.

If you would like plant a winter crop for use over the colder months, now is you chance.

From February to Mid April is the garlic planting season. It’s this small window period that is the perfect time to plant. Garlic planted at any other time of the year will fail to bulb and you will just not get the harvest that you are expecting.

The Garlic that is bought in the stores is radurized (irradiated) as it’s most often imported from China, and thus will not grow. Radurizing unfortunately also kills off a lot of the nutritional benefits of garlic, so growing your own is your healthiest option.

Why should you start growing your own vegetable garden?

  • More cost effective than buying from the shop
  • Growing organic vegetables has more nutritional value, healthier for your body
  • Gardening is known to be a good way to release stress
  • Take pride in your crops and give your friends some of your organically grown vegetables as a gift

Life Retreat’s Online Shop will soon be stocking garlic seeds which is locally grown by contract growers, assuring you will get of the best quality garlic seeds. Should you wish to place your order already, please contact us: info@liferetreat.co.za


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    our vegetable patch always surprises us with newly sprouted veg and herbs that we planted years ago!


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      Hi Germaine,
      I miss my old vegie garden, that used to spoil us every now and then with a crop of surprise fruit and veggies
      Enjoy it


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