Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day


There are so many reasons to celebrate your mother. The relationship you share with her, is one that’s always with you. She’s is not only your guiding force but is responsible for making you who you are. Your mother shapes your life and personality. And, as much as we all have our different ways of showing appreciation, these amazing women in our lives deserve to be appreciated.


             Journey to your Mothers’ Heart

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May (May 14th, 2017). If you’re too busy to show your mother how much you appreciate her, then you need to take advantage of Mother’s Day to celebrate your mother.

It’s a one of kind celebration that makes any mother smile – all day. You don’t have to go all out, but if you can, please do. All you need is some imagination and creativity. And today, we’ve put together a few gift ideas that could brighten your mother’s special day.

Skin Creamery Everyday Cream

Made using omega-rich baobab, coconut and jojoba oils, the luxurious Skin Creamery Everyday Cream is suitable for all skin types. It’s easily absorbed and honours the skin’s natural balance. Furthermore, it’s earth-friendly, contains certified organic ingredients and hypoallergenic. Also, it has a 100% natural fragrance.

Exquisite Pamper Set

Indulge yourself with this exquisite pamper set. It contains 75ml bath & shower gel, 100g bath crystals and 50g bath soap. I addition, it comes in a stunning pink and white presentation box with pink ribbon.

Ladies Bathrobe

This snow-white ladies’ fleece bathrobe gown is too soft n fluffy. It includes a non-woven drawstring gift pouch. And, one size fits all.

Cosmic Bath Crystals

Our Cosmic Bath Crystals take away all stress and weariness with a soak in the bath from Lifestyle Shop Online.

Kuro-Bo 100% Natural Charcoal Water Filter

Charcoal is the first and only 100% plastic-free, natural and recyclable water filter in Africa. Kuro-Bo is a superior hydrating option. It is handcrafted, sustainable, organic, and cartridge free filtering that mineralises and purifies your water. Kuro-Bo is a zero waste and plastic free product.

Bamboo Pillow

Imagine a pillow that can relieve snoring, migraines, neck and back problems, acid reflux, allergies, and insomnia while you sleep. Plus, it’s the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own. Could this be the healthiest pillow on the planet?

Africa Heart Light

These Ceramic products are handcrafted on a wine farm in South Africa with fun, skill, and love. Ideal for you and your especially your mother. Let us put a smile on your face with our fun and functional designs.


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