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Why You Need The Real Thing

The first reason why you need The Real Thing is the potent doses. You see, it doesn’t matter how many supplements you swallow if they don’t contain enough of the active ingredients.

So why bother? You may as well pop popcorn, or after-dinner mints.

Question is, how much is really enough? The Real Thing does the research so you don’t have to.

Every ingredient in every one of our products is delivered at optimal concentration for optimal health benefits. We know what you need. And we’re providing it.

The Real Thing Mega Omega Supreme processing is done under mild conditions, with minimum exposure to oxygen. This protects the precious omega 3s, which become unstable when exposed to oxygen, high temperatures, light and alkaline or acidic substances.

The Real Thing Zeolite is the ultimate volcanic mineral supplement with dramatic detoxifying effects, volcanic vitality, explosive energy and dynamic detoxification.

2. PURE GOOD STUFF. We don’t like clutter. We don’t like contaminants. And we certainly don’t like chemicals. We do like super-pure ingredients, and we want nothing to get in their way.

Our products are all-natural and purified to eliminate toxins, microorganisms and contaminants. They’re MCC-approved and free of colourants, flavourants, preservatives, binders, fillers, tableting aids and any other additives that might dilute or compromise the good bits. That’s what makes them the real thing.

3. GREEN INGREDIENTS. Green is our favourite colour. It goes with everything we do. Why? Because really healthy health food supplements have to be healthy for the Earth too. It may be cheesy. But it’s also true.

We’ve scrutinised every supplier’s facilities, manufacturing processes and farming methods. We’ve sourced ingredients that are pesticide, herbicide and heavy-metal free.

Wherever possible, they’re also 100% wild-harvested or organic. And we’re 100% proud of it.

The Real Thing Green Power is a powerful blend of organic wheat, barley and alfalfa grasses, nutritious sea vegetables and chlorella. It has immune-strengthening, infection-fighting properties that help clear viruses and bacteria. Also, it prevents inflammation, promotes tissue growth and repair, counters the effects of radiation and detoxifies the liver.

4. FRESH IDEAS. We’re not interested in doing what’s been done before. We want to do things better, newer, smarter and healthier. That’s why we’re constantly tracking international health research and trends. We’re like the Madonna of health products. Always changing (but we’re only into natural supplements).

We aim to keep bringing brand-new supplement concepts to the South African industry. Cutting-edge compounds, inventive formulae, more potent mixes and ever-purer products. Watch this space.

The Real Thing Medicinal Mushrooms is a potent blend of 6 organic and wild-harvested mushrooms. It strengthens the immune system, gives you more energy, lowers high cholesterol and helps manage cancer.

5. SURPRISING PRICES. The highest quality usually comes at the highest price. But not when it’s The Real Thing. We buy in bulk, directly from the farmers and producers, so we keep costs down, quality up and everybody happy.

The Real Thing Shark Liver Oil boosts the immune system. The active ingredients in Shark Liver Oil can help the natural fight against an infecting enemy force. Furthermore, it supports cancer treatment.
Sometimes cells don’t read signs. Especially the stop signs that halt unnecessary cell division. Thus, the result is uncontrolled dividing – namely cancer. But studies show that SLO just might be able to intervene.

Holistic health is accessible and sustainable. We’re working to keep it that way.

Click here to view a wide selection of all The Real Thing Products available on our store.


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    Simone Cameron


    These products all sound fantastic! I need to try this range out 🙂


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      They sure are Simone. I love the Zeolite powder. It leaves me feeling renewed.


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