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Why you should give up coffee and not alcohol

Stop drinking coffee! This is what you’ll hear when you see your dermatologist for rosacea, acne or any kind of inflammation. Most of us have heard these words, but we never act on them. A pimple outbreak recently overtook my caffeine addiction. I stopped drinking coffee three weeks and I have some pretty surprising results to share.

The effect of coffee on your skin

I’ve heard people swear that giving up dairy, wheat, sugar or coffee changed everything for their skin. With everything I’ve read about cutting coffee to stop my pesky breakouts, I decided to go for it in the name of better skin.

You see, coffee is highly acidic. Thus, high doses of acidic caffeine can mess with your hormones, particularly your stress hormones. These control your skin’s oil production. In addition, coffee acts as a diuretic, dehydrating your skin when you drink too much of it. I work from home so coffee kept me sane. At least 6 cups a day. On the other hand, I drink alcohol occasionally.

Here’s what happened when I gave up coffee

Yes, I missed my morning cuppa for three weeks! Withdrawal symptoms were terrible but I did it. Now, moving right along to the topic at hand, namely skin. My pimple breakout was primarily hormonal. I definitely wasn’t expecting a miracle.  So, in one week,  when my monthly breakouts kicked it, there was no noticeable difference. My flare-ups were all about average and lasted just as long as usual. But I decided to stick it out.

By the second week, my breakouts were clearing up. And by the third and final week, they’d cleared up completely and, I must say, my skin looked amazing! The few breakouts that tend to linger disappeared, and even better, the pores that always give me trouble looked less congested than usual.

The other great change I observed in my skin was the moisture level. I usually have a few dry patches around my nose and on my forehead, but by the final week of my no-coffee experiment, my skin was far less patched. This made me believe that perhaps I wasn’t exempt from the dehydrating effects of coffee…

So is it really worth it to give up coffee for better skin?

My skin didn’t transform into flawlessness in three weeks, but there was a noticeable difference in the end. So, I’m now convinced that if I had to give up coffee long-term, I’d be pretty pleased with the results. Unfortunately I had exams and went back to my old habits.

So would I give up coffee for good? Yes, I would!

Giving up coffee isn’t only good for my skin health. It also leaves you feeling notable. I thought I’d die without my daily caffeine fix, but it was quite the opposite! Excluding the first two days…

So, I’m definitely jumping back on the no-coffee bandwagon for both internal and external health. I let you know what the results will be after a longer period.

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