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Why You Should Take A Break From Dieting


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dieting. After all, we all want to feel healthy so we can live a longer life. However, sometimes diets go too far. This is especially true when you’re looking to lose weight fast. I’m not talking about the diet you’re on due to health conditions and doctor recommendations but, about fitness gurus you follow that punt extreme weight loss promises such as “Lose a kilo a day.”

Honestly, these diets don’t fuel your body with nutrient dense foods it needs. In other words, you’re not taking care of yourself. So, we’ve put together five signs that can help you decide whether it’s time to break away from your dieting or not.

Four signs that you need stop dieting

1. You feel you’re missing out on all the fun

Every period of your life is important. And, in ten years time, when you are reflecting on this period, you won’t want to look back and realize that your diet controlled your actions. Or even that missed out on exciting events because of dieting. Road trips, birthday parties, girl’s nights, including dinner dates are all events we want to look back on and smile. So, when such events come up now, is your initial thought – “There’ll be food there that will tempt me to go off my die. Let me rather stay home.” then it’s time to reconsider dieting.

2. You can’t stop thinking about food

Diets come with strict rules. It’s these rules that cause you to constantly think about what you should and shouldn’t eat. However, enjoying life in the moment is vital. it just can’t be done if you’re continually diet anxious. Sorry to say, but if you seem to be overwhelmed with what you’ve eaten or how much you have left to eat, or worried about whether or not you’ve followed the rules that day, then that’s a bad sign. Try to take a few days to monitor your attitude towards food. You might want to reevaluate things.

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3. You keep yo-yo dieting

Diets can be prescribed due to health conditions. But, if you’re on a diet to lose 1 kilo a day, then I can assure you that it will come back. In fact, your weight fluctuations can cause severe stress to your body and damage your metabolism. So, if you’re yo-yoing between five to ten kg’s every now and then, then the diet just isn’t realistic for you.

4. You’re tired of eating this way

Your diet feels like a punishment. In fact, you can’t bare seeing yourself eating like this in five years. Question is, will you be able to keep at these eating habits? Will your diet be realistic in the next 3 years? If you answered no, then maybe it’s time to discover something that truly makes sense for you long term.

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