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Will You Have Completed Your Bucket List A Year From Now?

Will you have completed your bucket list a year from now?  My bucket list will take years to complete.  There are so many things that I want to experience, and places that I want to go to.

I have decided to simplify my bucket list for this year.  I have only added to it, things that I am almost certain I can do by this time next year.  Please share your bucket list with us.  This way we can all motivate each other, and get ideas on other things to add to ours.

My Bucket List

  • Go on a family cruise
  • Do a family route 62 road trip
  • Own an Art Gallery in the Cape – The Art Curator
  • Be a partner in a Health Spa

  • Dedicate myself to practising regular yoga
  • Lose 6 kg
  • Sell loads of paintings
  • Grow a bigger following on Life Retreat
  • Have a prawn braai
  • Swim with dolphins in Dubai
  • Relax in warm springs
  • Learn to do mosaic
  • Crafting and making things
  • Learn to knit and crochet again
  • Blog every day
  • Go to a drive in movie
  • Go to Cape point
  • See more of my friends
  • Finish studying a Course In Miracles
  • Learn to carve
  • Finish my TRE course
  • Run the whole park run without walking
  • Tye dye something
  • Sort out my herb garden
  • Sort out our photos
  • Exercise every day
  • Play regular tennis
  • Spring clean our whole house
  • Revamp our secret garden
  • Paint
  • Have a family photo shoot
  • Redecorate our bedroom
  • Have a picnic
  • Take a train ride
  • See more live shows and concerts
  • Do a family cooking course
  • Play more games
  • Get an image consultant to update my wardrobe
  • Finish more fun things on my Cape Town to do list
  • Buy a new lounge suite
  • Get new outside furniture

Dream big

Most of us have a list…in our heads. But, life is happening now, so don’t put anything off. However insignificant something seems, go for it. In fact, the smaller, the better because you can do it immediately. Also, if you see me at the table next to you sometime, eating 5 doughnuts and cream, know that you are looking at a woman who is absolutely crushing it on her bucket list.

Sophisticated and suave Barrique hamper


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