Win 2 Tickets To The “Learn to Make & Use a Healing Pendulum” Workshop

Healing Pendulum

We’re giving away two tickets to the “Learn to Make & Use a Healing Pendulum” workshop. Learn to make your own healing pendulum, and walk away with all the basic tools you need to begin using it with confidence.

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What if you could diagnose illness & pain in the body without that person saying a word?

Imagine being able to ask any questions directly to your Higher Self – and receive an immediate answer (eg: “What foods does my body want?… What am I allergic to?… What colour do I need more of?)


Did you know that all you need to discover which chakras are open, closed, blocked, under/over active are the tools you receive in this workshop?

Pendulums have been used for thousands of years to tap into the power of the subconscious mind.


* Make you own crystal pendulum
* Learn how to cleanse, charge & program it
* How to speak the language of the pendulum
* Use your new skills for healing yourself, loved ones, plants & pets

At the workshop, we’ll give you all materials to make your pendulum, as well as 2 laminated charts to begin healing.

Join us on Sunday, March 25 at 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM at Life Retreat Studio, Lourensford Rd, 7130 Somerset West, Western Cape.

How To Enter:

Click here to share to your Facebook page – tag a friend and use #Liferetreat. 

Comment “Done” below.

Also, YOU CAN NOW BOOK for the event online! (Limited seats)…/healing-trish-ryan…/

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3 Comments on Win 2 Tickets To The “Learn to Make & Use a Healing Pendulum” Workshop

Ggi said : Guest 4 years ago


thea lennox said : Guest 4 years ago

Done Fingers crossed . #Liferetreat.

Trish Taylor said : Guest 4 years ago

Hello everyone. I am not entering, but I am encouraging every else to. This is going to be the most amazing Workshop. We will all be making our own #Crystal #Pendulums, plus learning how to balance our Chakras with them, amongst other exciting #Healing modalities. #ENTER NOW AND STAND A CHANCE OF #WINNING

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