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Win A One Month FREE Membership!

FREE Membership

I’m just going to say it because I’m so excited – here’s the challenge! If you come to class 10 days in a row you will win a 1 month free membership!!!

This is a super exciting month at Life Retreat Studio – Birthday Bash, 10 Day Challenge, Ayurveda workshop, International Day of Yoga Sunrise 108, loyalty cards, Fathers’ Day awesomeness, weekly outdoor Tai Chi with 7th Generation Master Shigung Suliman, Winter Afri-Wellness 5-Star Overnight Retreat, Lourensford Hike……

I love that the warmth of the Studio is bringing all of your wonderful energies in every day – YOU are the reason we opened our doors 1 year ago… and YOU are what makes our Healing Hub the heartbeat of the Helderberg!

Just Accept the Challenge

This challenge is ONLY valid until the end of July, so get going.

Ask our friendly desk staff for your CHALLENGE CARD and begin.


1. You have to have signed off 10 days in a row (this is tracked on your challenge card & on our booking system – so make sure you check in daily at our Lifestyle Shop!)

2. You have until end July to complete the challenge

3. Once you WIN your prize, your free month is valid until 31 Dec 2018

WHAT’S STOPPING YOU? Take the challenge

When the work began

Ayurveda Workshop

♥ the 3 main body types, temperaments & constitutions
♥ sattvic diet – highest living through the food you eat
♥ your body, the seasons, nature, and the planets
♥ the ancient elements, and how to bring yourself into elemental harmony

CLICK HERE for more info

Father’s Day Gift Voucher Experience
What he needs isn’t more “stuff” – he wants time with YOU!

♥ Family hike
♥ Beer tasting @ ABRU Classic Car Showroom
♥ Millhouse lunch
♥ Wine & chocolate pairing

CLICK HERE for more info


AS A STUDIO MEMBER you receive 5% off all Lifestyle Shop purchases! Ask our staff for your loyalty card


Life Retreat Studio has joined forces with
Silver Forest Boutique Lodge & Spa
to ignite one of the most luxurious healing retreats in South Africa!

Right here at the foot of Spanish Farm, Somerset West


Every Saturday Morning
with Shigung Suliman (7th Generation Master)

(Shigung is an external facilitator and thus this class is not included in regular studio membership)

Begins this Saturday 16 June, 9:00 – 10:00
Sign in at Lifestyle Shop. Class will be outdoors


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