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Wishbone: A Step In The Right Direction

A Different Approach!

When you choose Wishbones you are choosing more than a product; you are choosing to help the millions of children who don’t know the comfort of owning a pair of shoes.

Wishbone donate one pair of flops to someone in need, on your behalf, through their giving partners with every purchase.

This is the purpose of Wishbones, and everything they do is built around the concept of giving back to those in need.

What’s in the name?

Did you know that snapping a wishbone has the power to grant you a wish? And it is this philosophy that they have built their brand on. When you purchase a pair of their high-quality flip-flops, you grant a wish for someone who is in desperate need of the comfort and protection footwear provides.

See The Joy In Each Persons Face

Each Wishbone purchase is logged and assigned with a unique tracking number. They document all the giveaways. Once you have donated a pair of wishbones, you will receive a picture to show you whose life you have changed.

A good quality, natural rubber is used to make the Wishbones. They are the perfect balance between comfort and durability. The comfort and movement comes from elasticised straps. Did you know that all Wishbones are also 100% recyclable.

Anti-Odour, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungal

Wishbones feature an anti-microbial treatment added to all the flip-flops. This inhibits the growth of 99% of odour-causing bacteria, leaving your Wishbones (and feet) fresh and protected. This technology is also used in their donation Wishbones, which helps to reduce infection and the spread of diseases such as Podoconiosis (Elephantitis) and Hookworm.

Take a step in the right direction and register your wishbone online now 




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