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Yes We’ve Moved, But Not Far Away

You may have noticed, as part of the changes here at Life Retreat, the Henry Taylor Art Gallery moved. With the growth of the gallery, we took the next step and decided to move Cape Town. Yes, it took some time and planning but we are now happy to announce that the move is official and complete.

About the Henry Taylor Gallery

Henry Taylor Gallery specializes in Old Masters focusing on investment art for individual buyers and corporate investors. The superior quality of our art extends to our collection from Up and Coming artists to more contemporary artists such as Porchie, whose paintings have taken cosmopolitan Johannesburg by storm.

If you haven’t heard about us, we are  a family business that is extremely relationship oriented. Therefore, to nurture our relationships, we also deliver and hang paintings and evaluate art either in the gallery or on your property. Furthermore, we offer all the basic services of sales and framing. As well as added information and advice about investment art, contemporary art, and interior design suggestions.


We are Collectors of SA Old Masters

We have a large selection of paintings available. So, please contact us if you are looking to purchase, any specific Artists works. Also, we can resell your SA Old Masters – please contact us for a valuation. And to arrange for us to resell them for you.  Please email photos & info to news@artcurator.co.za


We also, refurbish and restore any art pieces you already cherish and wish to preserve

This is our commitment to you. Henry Taylor Gallery has now moved to a trendier location where our target audience was more readily available. Finally, we are a destination gallery thanks to the larger premises and wide collection of original paintings and bronze and stone sculptures. Visit our site to view our gallery, artists and taylored events. If you would like to become an investor, you can join our club. Click here for details.

Lastly, if you like to collect and keep objects because of their associations with memorable people or events. We have memorabilia now available on our online store. 


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