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Your Arthritis May Not Be Arthritis

arthritis may not be

Are you having joint symptoms but not sure if it’s Arthritis? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people think they have arthritis, and for some reason never discuss it with their doctors. Sometimes arthritis-like joint pain is caused by something else entirely. It’s actually called “false arthritis”.

So, before you panic about your arthritis symptoms, have a doctor do specific tests to determine whether you have real arthritis or a mimic.

Three arthritis mimics you should know about

1. Food poisoning

Salmonella – A food poisoning sickness which is caused by bacteria, can also cause joint inflammation. However, the arthritis-like symptoms sometimes only appear  after the illness is over. Doctors can diagnose salmonella because of the presence of antibodies which the body produces in response to a quick attack by a foreign organism.

2. Curable illness

Among the impostors is the tiny human parvovirus which causes a curable illness that seems like arthritis. This illness is called chronic arthropathy. Flu-like sickness and stiff joints are some of the symptoms. Unborn babies and people with AIDS, chronic anemia and sickle cell anemia are most vulnerable to the human parvovirus.

3. Drug reaction

Some prescription drugs can cause joint pain that seems like arthritis. So, if you’re taking prescription drugs and start to get symptoms of arthritis, speak to your doctor. It may be a drug reaction or true arthritis.

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