Life Retreat’s Weekly Round Up

Weekly wrap up

Wherever you are right now, I bet there are at least two screens in the same room with you. You’re reading this on your phone. And then there’s your laptop in the corner or your tablet right next to you. Like everyone else, I rely on technology for many things; from email, to taking photos, right up to driving directions. And if you sleep with it too, then I’m glad not be the only one. But with all this digital addiction, I’ve decided to go on a digital detox.

I know Trish is running a detox support group that I’m definitely joining with a digi twist. So keeping reading to find out what you missed this week.

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How Going To The Gym Can Give You Athletes Foot


So, you thought joining the gym was a great idea. You can stop by on your way home from work and squeeze in a workout. But one morning, you wake up and there’s a red rash between your toes that itches like crazy.

That’s athlete’s foot. The most common fungal infection with about 10% of the population scratching away at it. And to today I’ll give you four simple remedies to relieve the itch.

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Weekly Mandala – Discover The Art Of Patience


If you’re anything like me, you’ll know it’s very hard to exercise patience. I don’t like to be kept waiting and easily get angry and agitated. But I recently came across a very interesting read and I’d like to share it with you. It’s about monks and how patience is engraved in their hearts and minds. It’s helped me so much that every time I feel myself getting impatient, I picture the monk and calm down.

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Give Your Kids A Detox Bath

kids bath

If you have kids, then you are really going to like this “recipe” for a calming Epsom salt bath.

It is super easy, completely natural, makes your bathroom smell nice, and also gives your kids some extra nutrition. That’s right – nutrition right in their bath water!

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