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My Experience With The 5:2 Diet


What is 5:2?

5-2 Diet (or as we call it, a way of life) is a form of Intermittent Fasting and is the simplest diet / way of life ever.

And vegans, vegetarians, celiacs, everyone is invited to the party. It is the most inclusive diet ever. Only a vegetarian knows the pain of getting on an Atkins or a Keto diet, where most of the allowed things are things he or she cannot eat.


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The Perfect Stress Relief Remedies

Stress Relief

Now more than ever before, with the internet-age of work demands, relationship stresses, financial worries and concerns about what the future holds, our bodies are in a constant state of chronic stress. Stress isn’t only a feeling; it’s a physical reaction that occurs in your body. Stress releases hormones – potentially dangerous age-accelerating and disease-causing hormones.

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10 Ways Green Tea Will Improve Your Life

Green Tea benefits

For those who want to improve what they consume on a daily basis, green tea is a beverage that has received a lot of attention thanks to its many different benefits. For centuries, green tea has been considered one of the healthiest teas to drink, but only recently has it made it to the western world.

For millions of people, green tea makes the perfect afternoon or early evening beverage and is a part of many different tea gifts as well.

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Connect Beyond The Body – Yoga For Couples


I love doing Yoga with my partner because of various reasons. One, you get some bonus bonding time with your special one doing something as amazing as Yoga and two, it strengthens the motivation within the both of you as you help each other to achieve Yoga postures. Moreover, it builds trust in each other and increases the exchange of positive energy between the two bodies. One can never have enough of positive energy now, can they?!

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Keep Your Home Trendy On A Budget

trendy home

A bit bored of the interior in your home? Do you think to yourself that it’s time to redo and revamp your living quarters, but lack the credit to carry out most of the alterations? We’ve been there, and here’s how we transformed our home from drab to #TOTES FAB!

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Recipe Of The Week – Caponata

Recipe Of The Week

This week, our recipe of the week comes from VeganSA. Caponata is a typical dish from Sicily. Despite that many people think Italians just eat pizza, pasta and other heavy dishes, Italy has been a poor country historically and the easiest things to eat, thanks to the good weather, were always vegetables.

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